Monday, September 16, 2019

Why Every Classy Woman Needs a Silk or Satin Camisole in her Closet Featuring Aritzia Satin Cami | Classy Closet Essentials

Silk or satin camisoles are a staple in my closet because they are so versatile, I love to pair them with my favorite suits, a skirt or a pair of trousers but today I am going to share the number one reason why every classy woman should have one in her closet.

Have you ever seen a dress that you adore but because you are a classy and elegant woman you decided not to purchase it because the cut of the neckline is too low? This is where a silk  or satin camisole comes into play. Because a silk or a satin camisole is very light as opposed to camisoles made of other material, you can easily add it under your dress to cover any unwanted cleavage as I did in the photo below. I adore this dress, the color and fit is amazing on me but the neckline is too low. I added one of my favorite satin camisole underneath and the outfit was perfect with no visible layer under the dress as if the cami was a part of the dress..

Not All Silk/Satin Camisoles are Created Equal

If you have silk/satin camisoles in your closet or  have tried them on in the past, you know that they are not created equal in the way they fit. I find that the best silk/satin camisoles are the ones with an adjustable strap. A lot of brands make them without the adjustable strap without taking into account the many different body shapes, proportions and sizes we have. For example, I have long legs and a short torso, I need to adjust the straps of my silk camisole more than someone with a proportionate or longer torso.

My current favorite satin camisoles are from Aritzia by the brand Wilfred. I adore them. They have a tiny ruffle situation at the neckline that gives them the feminine yet elegant touch that I like. I bought four different colors, white, pink/fuchsia, black and coper. They fit perfectly. If you are not willing to dish out $70 on a camisole, you can find some satin camisoles on the high street.
I hope you found this post helpful, please share any tips and tricks you use to deal with dresses that have a low neckline. We would love to learn from you.


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