Wednesday, September 4, 2019

5 American Brands that Sell Feminine Work Clothes

It can be hard finding feminine and elegant work clothes in a market of fast and trendy fashion. I created a list of my five favorite American brands that sell feminine work clothes.
1. White House Black Market

White House Black Market is one of my absolute favorite stores for classy and feminine women’s work clothes. The cut of their blazers, the silhouette in their tops and dresses are very powerful yet feminine and sophisticated. A lot of their blazers do not have a normal lapel but a neckline which resembles that of a dress. Some of their blazers have a great peplum detail at the end which adds that extra feminine touch. I love that they always stock feminine colors like a great pink, peach, red with some classic neutral colors. 99% of my suits including the one that I am wearing are from White House Black Market.
2. Calvin Klein

Do not sleep on Calvin Klein. I think their Instagram account is doing them a disservice as they are mostly promoting their underwear but there is a market of millennial professionals that they are not tapping into on Instagram because they make very classic work dresses. I have a lot of Calvin Klein dresses in my closet.

3. Anne Klein

Anne Klein is probably one of those brands that your mama and grandma wear but do not sleep on them. They make amazing, feminine and classy dresses like my favorite the Faux Wrap dress. (SHOP THIS DRESS IN BLACK AT MY STORE)

4. Theory

Their tag line is, the foundation of your closet captures the essence of this brand, they sell a lot of basics in neutral colors. Since they are more on the pricier side, I think you should look to invest in timeless pieces when considering to make a purchase there. It should be something you thought long and hard about and something that you can wear with most things in your closet. 

5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren 

The famed brand for preppy looks also makes amazing women’s clothing in their Lauren by Ralph Lauren collection. I have a few of their dresses. 

Cheap Ways to Score Clothes From These Brands
I know some of these brands can be pricey but I have some ideas on how to score these brands at a fraction of the price. White House Black Market usually has great end of season sales, always check them out at the end of each season to stack up on some essentials. I love to shop Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Ralph Lauren and Theory at discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Century 21. I also purchase the aforementioned brands at department stores when the department stores have their end of season sales.

 Hope you found this helpful.

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