Thursday, September 12, 2019

Classy First Date Outfits to Secure the 2nd and 3rd Date

In todays’ article, we are sharing classy style tips and outfit inspiration that will secure the 2nd and 3rd date. There is more to explore when it comes to securing a second or third date beyond your outfit but appearance is a very big part of it and one that we can control.

When going on a first date I always wear and recommend my friends and family to wear a dress with heels to stand out from the crowd and secure the second or third date and beyond. I know you might be thinking but I don’t like dresses, I don’t like heels or I need to loose weight to wear dresses, wrong! There is a dress and a pair of heels out there for every woman and I will share some options below. Men absolutely love to see a woman in a dress, something about a dress makes men feel masculine. I live in New York where most women wear pants, wearing a dress always make me stand out from the crowd even walking down the street.


If you absolutely have to wear pants for whatever reason, I have an option for you as well (hint hint above).

 Color Matters

A feminine palette for your date wardrobe will get you more and better results than any other, blush pink, peach, red and white. Black is ok if you have a dark and/or seductive personality that you want to play up. Your date along with all the men in the vicinity of your date will light up with heart eyes when they see you in blush pink or red. If any of the aforementioned colors look particularly flattering on you, wear more of that color. For me red is the color that makes me look very much alive, I wear a lot of red especially for my first dates.


Psychologically, there is something about the color pink that automatically makes a man think of you as feminine and soft. The color red on the other hand make men think of sensuality and if you want a second or third date with the guy, you want him to think of you when he thinks of sensuality. Whether you will engage or not is up to you.


There is a Dress for Every Body Type

When choosing a dress, you have to know and understand your body type; and what will look good on you. When in doubt go for a long flowy dress because they hide all sins. For example, if you are lacking in the bum department, the right flowy dress will hide the bum and may allow you to play up your gorgeous breasts.


The Body Con Dress

The bodycon dress is predominantly for women with an hourglass figure, even if you have to create an hourglass figure with shapewear. Bodycon dresses are great if you want to play up your curves. I always like a good bodycon dress because I have a bit of curves, but to keep it classy, I make sure that the dress is at least midi length or longer and I make sure that all of my other assets (i.e. boobs, legs) are hidden.

The Flowy Dress

The flowy dress is for everybody shape and sizes including women with the hourglass figure. I used to shy away from them but this summer I realized the power of the flowy dress. I recommend very long flowy dresses with a romantic touch like some frills or some ruffles in feminine colors. All the women in the vicinity of your date will compliment your dress and the men will look with dreamy eyes.


The Skater Dress

The skater dress is good for most body types because it is a bit more tailored on top and flares out at the bottom.  The flare at the bottom can create the illusion of an hour glass figure. The length is totally up to you. If you are trying to play up your legs, you can wear a shorter skater dress but to look classy, it is always best to go with a midi length or long dress.



If you have to wear pants for any reason, I recommend a jumpsuit in the same color palette and one that looks good on your body type.


How to Find Out if a Dress Looks Good on you

Take photos in different style of dresses and review them to determine which style suits your body. If you are unsure, ask a child not a teenager a child because children are always honest. Also when trying on dresses I always make sure it looks good at the back as well because a dress might look good at the front but looks awful at the back. I use the double mirror trick (mirror in the front and back) at home or use my phone to video my back at a fitting room.



There is a pair of heels out there for every woman. If you are wearing a long flowy dress, you can easily hide a pair of kitten heels under the dress, that way you are comfortable during your date but still look put together. If you are wearing a bodycon dress, I recommend mid length heels and high heels at night. For the skater dress, you can get away with a pair of kitten heels depending on the length of it. If it is a midi length skater dress, I would recommend mid length heels during the day and high heels at night. If you are a bit heavier, go for chunkier heels.

Please share your killer first date outfit combinations that work for you in the comments below, we would love to hear them and learn from you.


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