Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I Tried Personal Pleasure for the First Time Feat. Vush Empress Clitoral Stimulator

A grown woman who has never tried self-pleasure is probably a rare species. (Raising hands) I am a rare species, I've never masturbated, used a vibrator or had any other assistance for self-pleasure. I am not sure if shame had anything to do with it or the perceptions/social stigmas surrounding female sexuality. I was excited when Vush reached out to me to try their Empress, a clitorial stimulator. Vush's mission is to change perceptions and break social stigmas surrounding female sexuality. Before I share my experience with the Empress, here are some quick features about the Empress.

The Empress has:
  • a Vacuum technology, which is so different from the traditional sex toys (vibrators)
  • 8 different suction settings
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Amazing for solo & couples play
  • 100 % Waterproof (for those who want to use it in their bathtime)
  • Discreet Packaging (I love the packaging as it is so luxurious and cute.  It reminds me of a beauty product)
  • FREE international shipping
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Use my code: DEB20 for 20% off the Empress @vush_official (SITEWIDE).

My Experience with the Empress by Vush

Most of my girlfriends use a vibrator and have always joked about how fast you can climax using a vibrator. Well let's just say the Empress, the clitorial stimulator definitely surpassed my expectations for a fast climax experience. As I beginner, I started with the lowest suction setting. I increased the suction level settings once I got comfortable with it. 

Then BOOM,  I had climaxed in a bit over 2 minutes. I burst with laughter when I climaxed. You can watch my realtime reaction in the video below. I called the Empress my 2 minutes best friend. 

Honestly, I love and support Vush's movement to break the stigma. The Empress (my new best friend) is definitely worth the purchase (the features are amazing and I love the cute packaging). It is great for first-timers like me who are new to using sex toys. 

If you are interested in a new best friend 'The Empress' or any other products on Vush's website, jump on their website

Remember to use my code: Deb20 for 20% off of your Empress (SITEWIDE).

Follow them on their movement on Instagram and together we can break the stigma against female sexuality!

Self-pleasure is now a part of my self-careroutine. Is self-pleasure a part of your self-care routine? Please share in the comments.