Friday, October 11, 2019

9 Subtle Things I Did to Become More Feminine

Bonjour, Bonsoir,

Welcome to the blog. Today I am sharing 9 subtle things I did to become more feminine.

I shared the video above on my YouTube Channel a few months ago where I shared 5 things I did to become more feminine but I wanted to update the list and share four additional things that I have been doing on my journey to honing and embracing my feminine side.

1. Stop Swearing

I used to have a potty mouth. I went through a rebellious phase because I grew up in a strict and religious household. When I was on my own I used bad language as a subconscious symbol of freedom. I used to tell myself that I am grown, I can speak how I want but I realized it is not ladylike. I gave up the swearing. There are times when using bad language is necessary and appropriate but using bad language regularly for unnecessary reason is not feminine.

2. Wear More Feminine Colors

Pastel colors, reds, pinks, whites, corals, camel are very feminine colors. Feminine colors are colors that a masculine man would not typically wear. I try to avoid wearing too much masculine colors like black, brown, or navy. I live in New York and I sometimes wear those masculine colors in the winter but when I do, I make sure to rock my red lipstick to add some femininity to the look. I used to hate pink, but I have been slowly incorporating some blush pink into my wardrobe and I absolutely love. Blush pink looks beautiful on every skin and I think every woman should incorporate some blush pink in her closet. I am not a candy pink kind of girl but no other colors make me feel more feminine and girly than pink.

3. Avoid Wearing Masculine Clothes   

I explained this in 2. I want to reiterate that when I do wear black or any masculine colored clothing. I add other feminine touches like a red lipstick. When I wear pants, I wear light and feminine colored pants.

    4. Speaking Slowly

    English is my third language and I get anxious every time I have to speak for a long time. When that happens I rush through the words and sentences to get it over with. I have been learning to take my time to speak slowly and really articulate what I want to say. Rushing is a masculine trait. If you think of any woman that you know who is very feminine, watch how they speak. You will notice that there is a calmness in their voice and the speed at which they speak is usually slow. That is so beautiful and ultra feminine.
5. Speaking Less

I can talk for days. One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019 was to speak less. A true feminine woman speaks when necessary, a lot of time her presence and body language does most of the speaking for her.

    6. Smiling More
A smile is very feminine and beautiful. It brightens up everyone’s faces. I usually smile when I am taking photos because I am usually goofing around and joking with my friends or photographers but when I am alone, commuting and there is no one to speak or engage with my resting face could be intimidating. I have been making a conscious effort to smile at strangers.

    7. Walking Slowly
If you live in a big fast paced city like New York where I live it is daunting to walk slowly in a crowd of runners and rushers. Nothing screams feminine more than a slow, sexy walk, lol… I try to do it as often as possible especially when I am wearing heels. I leave my house early so that I give myself enough time to walk slowly instead of running or rushing to my destinations.

8. Wearing Heels Everyday

I know it sounds daunting but I have been wearing heels since I was a teenager and I absolutely love the way it makes me look taller, it makes my bum and legs look nice and toned. At some point I got lazy and stopped wearing heels and I blamed it on getting older. Now I make sure I wear heels everyday even if it is just a kitten heel.
9. Looking People in the Eye

I grew up in Haiti and looking people in the eye can be considered rude as a child. I kept that same mentally as an adult. In America where I currently live, it is very important to look people in the eye, it is a sign of respect and confidence.

If you have any subtle things that you have done to become more feminine, please share in the comments below. We would love to learn from you.


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