Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Where to Get Tacos in NYC featuring Tacombi #tacotuesday

Hey lovers, happy #tacotuesday and welcome back to the blog!
On this Taco Tuesday, I am sharing some of my favorite places to get tacos in New Yawk Citaaaaayy! New York is known as a huge melting pot for obvious reasons, but that also means, as New Yorkers we have the option to taste the world right at home. I have never been to Mexico so I cannot vouch for what an authentic Mexican taco tastes like. Now that we've settled the fact that I may not be a taco connoisseur, let's talk about what I do know. 

I've had tacos from from the Upper East , to Dos Caminos, the Jackson Heights area as well as Astoria in Queens. What I can tell you is that all Tacos in NYC are not made equal. I bought my favorite taco from a Taco truck in Astoria, according to my taste buds of course. It's a shame that I don't even remember the name of that particular truck. It may have been El Rey Del Taco, I'm not sure. If you are in New York City and are in the pursuit of Tacos, I definitely recommend that you visit Astoria along 30th Ave and Astoria Boulevard and Jackson Heights along the 7 Train line from about 74th Street to 111th Street and their surrounding areas.

My friend Rose (Click Here for Her Blog) and I went to La Esquina on the Upper East Side about two weeks ago. I had the fish taco, I believe it was Mahimahi. I'll just say, it was not one of the best tacos I've had. To be fair, I think in order to grade a taco spot you have to try either their chicken or steak taco. La Esquina also has outside seating perfect for those Instagram photos but I would not go back there for tacos. 

We also had tacos at Dos Caminos and eerrrrm, not the best!!! I usually get Tacos for lunch at the Burrito Box, you may have seen it in my insta stories if you follow me over on Instagram. My favorite from there is their chicken barbecue taco but because of my diet I usually get the spinach or guacamole tacos, not anywhere near as good as the barbecue chicken taco. That place is an average spot I would say except for that Barbecue Chicken taco.

Rose told me that her favorite taco spots are Derado and Cafe Frida. I have never been and they are definitely on my list to try because Rose has never stirred me wrong.  
I performed a quick google search and Taqueria Diana is looking hell of good to me right now, it might be the next spot I try.  Try typing Taqueria Diana in google and click on images, you'll see exactly what I mean!

Tacombi has the next best tacos according to my taste buds however they are so tiny, you will need 100 of those for a full stomach, lol.  I first learned about Tacombi on a food tour where one of our stops was at the location in Little Italy. That one is the most epic because it has the cutest taco truck inside of the restaurant. But this spot  in the village is also cute and picturesque, you can get some tacos and some cute photos for the gram and/or your blog. Isn't that what life is all about? I am just kidding!

This Sangria right here got your girl tipsy and I was just so carefree after drinking it, my photographer was just laughing at all the things I was saying and doing because he had never seen me act like that before. I don't recall the name of the Sangria but if you want to try it, show your server the picture I have above and he/she'll know exactly what to give you. Keep in mind that I am very light weight and any tiny amount of alcohol will do the trick for me.

This would not be a complete blogpost without the outfit. I have been on a sexy vintage mood lately with my outfits and this is a true representation of what I have been loving lately as far as casual outfits. The stripes in the blouse paired with the grandma shoes are serving vintage vibes while the belt and my mini skirt is keeping the outfit current while adding a bit of cool girl sexy to it!!!

That is all I have for you today. Thank you so much for stopping by. I will see you next week! Adios amigos!



  1. Great Post! I'm going to be in NYC in September and will definitely check out these taco places you recommended!


    1. Wow, next month. That's super cool! Thk u so much for stopping by.