Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ankara Crop Top and My African Heritage

 Hello lovers, welcome back to the blog!

Some days I feel like I do not show enough of a connection with my African Heritage and Haitian Culture through my personal style. Let's face it, I can not carry a Haitian Flag everywhere I go unless my name is Wyclef or Jason Derulo. Moreover, I have never attended an African themed function in my life in which case I would feel the need to purchase traditional African garments. 

However, I remember when I was younger, while living in Haiti, the hottest girl (according to me) in my Province of Petit-Goave used to wear some cute Ankara printed two piece outfits . I'm talking about cute crop tops with matching midi skirts, maxi skirts, shorts or trousers. She was very tall, curvy and very gorgeous. Her name was Magalie. At that time she was the only girl in town wearing those outfits and I used to think that she looked soooo good in them. 

In honor of Magalie, I present to you the Yellow Abster Crop Top from Puksies Wardrobe.

At some point I remember there was a huge fashion craze in Haiti for a certain traditional African garment. It might be called a "boubou", correct me if I'm wrong. But I remember exactly what it looked like. (See Photo Here for Reference) At the time, I asked my grandma to make one for me and after much convincing, she made it! It was my first experience with wearing an African inspired garment. I loved it so much. It was a little weird for me to wear it because I grew up a Christian. Contrary to popular beliefs the majority of the Haitian population is either Christian or Catholic and voodooism is looked down upon. See, it seems to me that in Haiti when you wear African inspired garments or follow certain African traditions or rituals people tend to associate that with being involved in voodooism. (I believe in conspiracies and you do not want to know my opinion on that matter 😂

Nevertheless, I wore my boubou proudly. I even had my grandma make a matching head band to wear with it because I did not know how to tie a traditional African head wrap and youtube did not exist!. 

My good friend and designer Isoken who is from Nigeria recently reached out to me saying that she wanted to send me some stuff from her clothing brand, Puksies Wardrobe, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to have some fun with Traditional African garments once again. I love how this crop top keeps the traditional African vibes but also present a modern and trendy flare with the option of wearing it off the shoulder. Consider this the first of many blog posts featuring African Garments and Puksies Wardrobe.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday. See you soon!!



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