Saturday, August 19, 2017

Free Things To Do in NYC

A very cliche person said the best things in life are free! Today, I am sharing 3 Free Things To Do in New York City. Some days I find a cute little outfit in my closet, I try  the look on in front of my mirror and I tell myself this is cute but I have nowhere to go. If you find yourself in front of your mirror looking at a cute outfit telling yourself you have nowhere to go with the outfit, you should put on the outfit and head out to do any of these activities because they are all free. 

I remember my favorite first date ever!! I was in college and I went on a date with this guy, Manny  who was also in college at the time and our first date was a jog in our neighborhood. Imagine two young, dumb, broke college kids, lol. We lived a few houses from each other, and I used to run in the neighborhood. Since he was very athletic and into sports and I was into fitness at the time, we decided to go for a jog.

I shared that story because you can totally be creative with free activities wherever you may be. 

1) Summer Stage
Capital One Bank partnered with the City Parks to create free events in NYC all Summer. I learned about this through my sister who lives in Florida and visits us every Summer. Last weekend we saw Khalid perform at the East River Park. All the Tumblr kids were there, lol. If you don't know who Kalhid is, perform a youtube search for "Your Location" or Young Dumb Broke High School Kids."

During the week we went to see a spoken word presentation with a full band at the same park. It was my first experience with this type of a spoken word and I thought wow, what a beautiful way to tell stories.

Uniqlo partnered with MOMA for free Friday Night tickets. Yes, FREE!! We went there last night, I must admit that it was crowded which annoyed me a little bit I guess because I am used to going to a museum with less people and I get to indulge in the art and the stories behind them without a thousand people being aggressive and trying to take photos of very piece of art and every description tag! But if you don't mind the crowd, go for it!

The Guggenheim is offering pay as you wish every Saturday from 5:45 to 7:45 PM. The Met is also a donation type of museum where you basically pay as you wish. This is not totally free but you can pay $.50 or $1 to indulge in art. 

A Ferry Ride
Take  a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and catch spectacular views of the City. This could make for a romantic date if you catch the Ferry at Sunset #couplegoals , lol.

A trip to Governor's Island might cost you a couple bucks but it would also make for a romantic trip/picnic with spectacular views of the City. 

About the outfit... this just a simple carefree, no fuss look that you can wear for any of the activities that I shared. I went for a comfortable pair of chunky heels that will make walking around the City a breeze  paired with a fun polka dot printed playsuit. Playsuits are easy, I love them. I added my new favorite gucci belt for a little bit of personality and umph. I love the contrasting detail that the stripes create against the polka dots on the playsuit. 

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