Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What I am Buying For Fall 2019

Every season, I look for certain key pieces to add to my wardrobe. Today, I am sharing what I will be picking up this fall.


Wide Leg High Waisted Trousers

Wide leg high waisted trousers are a staple in my closet. I have great collection that I mostly bought from Zara over the years but I am missing a red and a camel pair.  

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are very classic accessories and a staple in every classy woman’s closet. I absolutely love them because they can take any outfit from basic to fabulous. Zara has a few great ones, I will have an article on how to style silk scarves very soon. (Keep an eye out for it!)


Silk Camis

Silk camis are everywhere this season and I think every woman should have at least one in her closet. They go well with high waisted trousers, add a silk scarf for an extra punch of chic. I also like to add them under dresses with a very low cut in the chest area. Aritzia has a great selection and I bought three from there, a white, a pink and a brown. I am going back for a black. Zara also has a selection of camis that look like silk but they are ill fitting on me. What I find that makes a great silk cami is an adjustable strap. We all have different body types, shapes and sizes. A standard strap doesn’t cut it for everyone.


Silk Dresses

Silk dresses were all the rave in Summer 2019 and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. I have a good collection of silk dresses but most of them are red. I am looking for a nice “golden beige,” and a blush pink. I picked up a black and white - polka dot one from Zara which is amazing because it has the adjustable straps. There was a forest green one that I wanted but it sold out very quickly, I think the green one will be perfect for the upcoming holidays. If you find any good silk dresses online, please tag me on Instagram or leave a comment below.


Knee Length Skirts or Midi Length Skirts with a Certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

 I don’t have a good collection of skirts as I prefer dresses over skirts but I am open to buying some nice skirts hat are knee length or midi length in beige, blush pink, red or camel. Since skirts are not really my thing, the skirts that I decide to buy will have to have something special about them. A little “je ne sais quoi.”


Jackets, Blazers and Coats with a feminine silhouette

For jackets, blazers and coats, I am looking to invest in great quality pieces that will last a long time. In addition to the quality, I am looking for very feminine silhouettes. A lot of jackets in the market have a very masculine cut and shape which I don’t like. I am taking my time with this search. I have been eyeing a cashmere coat from a European brand for a year and I think I may be ready to take the plunge. Max Mara also makes amazing jackets, I hope they make something for me this season.



I like to splurge once every season for something that I really need. I have a great collection of cool weather boots that I love. I am looking for a pair of riding boots to add to my collection. I have been eyeing the Hermes riding boots for a while, I am starting a piggy bank to get it soon. Lol I might also get 2 pairs of everyday pointy toe pumps. I am also eyeing a pair of Valentinos in the kitten heel but that might have to wait for the Spring. I picked up a pair of pumps for work which I love (pictured below) I might pick it up in the red and the black because it is so easy to wear and very comfortable for every day wear.


What are you all buying this fall 2019? Share in the comments, who knows I may need to add more to my list.

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