Sunday, December 10, 2017

How to Finesse a Good Photo Out of an Outfit Failure

This is for my fellow blogger babes, have you ever book your photographer, put together what looks like a bomb outfit and show up to the shoot with a vision but your vision would not come to life. You know it's not your photographer because your photographer is uber talented and it's not the location because the location is aesthetic goals. What could possibly be wrong? My friend it is your outfit. Over the years of shooting my outfits and my interest in photography, I learned that some outfits may look great in real life or even in your mirror but it looks like trash when photographed.

Today I thought I'd share some tips or things that you can do to work that situation out.
1. Subtract
Take something off, it could be your outer wear, a blazer or an accessory. Take a few shots and see how you feel about the look.

2.Add On
In this step you are doing the opposite of step one. Add an outer wear a blazer, or accessories.

3. Posing
Switch the poses. Try shooting from a profile, like what I did in the following photos.

This is not the most terrible outfit I have ever worn but I really had a vision for this look and it did not translate in photos. Maybe it was not the outfit, it could have been the fact that I felt uncomfortable because my boobs would not stay in the jumpsuit. Maybe it's the fact that I panned to wear this look with a my curly hairstyle and my baker boy cap but I totally forgot about all of that when it was time to shoot. Maybe it's all in my head, but I hope you found some helpful tips for your next Outfit Fail!

Thank you so much for stopping by my loves.

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