Saturday, October 14, 2017

One Dress - Two Ways Feat. Anthropology Skirt

Hello lovers, welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing one of my favorite things to do with my personal style, mixing and matching weird things together. I remember one of the photographers I work with once told me that I don't wear the same outfit twice and I told him  that I wear the same item of clothing more than twice, I just mix and match different pieces with different things creating a whole look and vibe altogether.

Some days I want to dress as thotie as they come, and other days I want to be be a respectable woman 😀 That's where mixing and matching comes into play and I can be both women ❤️

Let's talk about this dress for a minute, every time I wear this dress and post it on my instagram stories, my DMs blow up with messages asking where is it from, where can I buy it! (BUY HERE) I was a little curious as to why so many people asked about this dress and I came to find out Beyonce wore a similar dress and before that Ellie Baldwin wore a similar dress in black. You guys know I love a good sale and bargains, I scored this sexy little number at Necessary Clothing for a whooping $9.99, hahaha!!! And I got it as my thotie  dress for me to go out with the man 😍 I wore it to a brunch date at La Marian NYC (WATCH VIDEO HERE) Since I got it on sale and in store, I could not provide a link for the people who were asking about it. A quick google search took me to a site called Tiger Mist and I found the dress, it's over $60 but they did not have it in red. They have it in white, pink and a burnt orange that is close enough to red. They also have it as a crop top, how cute?

To switch up the look, I got this skirt from Anthrophology (SHOP HERE On Sale) and it was a match made in fashion heaven. I paired it with my fun pom pom pumps by Sam Edelman, topped it off with my mini basket bag from Zara and BOOM; I'm Debbie Bradshaw!!! See what I did there. I think it's the skirt that makes me feel so Carrie Bradshaw and we shot the whole look in the West Village as well, so very Carrie Bradshaw!!  I just had to bring my hood side out with the bandana, sorry about that 😜❣️

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking this post out! I will see you in the next post or youtube video or instagram story ❤️



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