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How I Activate and Magnetize my Feminine Energy

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Welcome to the blog. Today, I am sharing my 5 step routine to activate and magnetize my feminine energy.
A few months ago I shared the video below on my YouTube channel (ClassbyDeb) where I shared my 3 step routine to activate and magnetize my feminine energy but I forgot to mention 2 other rituals that also contribute to activating and magnetizing my feminine energy. Also, before I start this article, I want you to keep in mind that it is very hard to explain energy because it is a feeling and my attempt at explaining how these rituals activate and magnetize my feminine energy is very limited. The best way to experience and understand what I am sharing is to do it yourself and experience the benefits for yourself.

1.  Saging
Saging is the act of burning sage, to cleanse yourself, your space or your environment. It is an ancient spiritual ritual that is popular among Native Americans. Saging is used for many purposes, among them to connect the spiritual realm and enhance intuition, it is used to achieve a healing state and solve/reflect upon spiritual dilemma. It improves and uplifts your mood, treats anxiety and depression, and helps soothe stress. It helps you sleep better and has a divine aroma.
It’s good to set your intentions when saging for example: I am saging to rid myself or my space of negative energy. I am saging to uplift my mood, etc.
How to Sage:
Open your window, light the sage, let it burn. You will see fume emanating from the dry leaves, go around your body or around your home even in all the corners while taking deep breaths, holding them in and releasing them. If you are saging to get rid of negative energy, breathe in positive energy and release negative energy with every exhale.
Disclaimer: People with asthma or other respiratory conditions should check with your doctor before engaging in this practice.
Saging activates and magnetizes one’s feminine energy because when you clear yourself of all of the negative energy you are now left with positive energy and all good energy from within including your divine feminine energy that you were born with. When I burn sage it instantly magnetizes my feminine energy and uplifts my mood, it even affects people who come in contact with me or with my space in a positive way.
When should you do this? I do it as often as my intuition guides me to do it. I sage when I feel my energy is out of balance. Often, I do it before a first date. I sage after any arguments that occur in my space or If a stranger comes to visit my space. The rule of thumb is to go with your intuition and sage when it feels right.

2. Burning Essential Oils

Burning essential oil is somewhat a similar ritual to saging because burning the correct oil or combination of oils can help mitigate or elevate certain emotions depending on your needs. They can help you de-stress, feel energized, cheer you up, eliminate anger and instill a positive atmosphere. It also promotes better sleep, clears the lung and supports respiratory health and provide mental clarity.
How To Burn Essential Oils:
Fill an oil diffuser with water along with a few drops of your favorite essential oils. There is a vast selection and you can choose based on what you plan to accomplish. For example, I burn rose oil when I feel down or lonely to manifest self-love into my life, my energy and aura.
Self-love is an instant feminine energy magnetizer, there is nothing more feminine than a woman radiating self-love.

3. Meditation
Meditation instantly connects you to the divine, God, the universe. There are many studies about the various benefits of meditation, it helps beyond activating one’s feminine energy. Some meditation practices increase positive feelings and actions towards yourself and others; reduce stress; control anxiety; improve emotional health; give an improved self-image and a more positive outlook on life; and improve self-awareness.
How to Meditate:
Take a deep breath in, hold it and focus on the breath, notice the way your body reacts to the breath, observe the breath for as long as you can, then let it out. Repeat for as long as you need to until you reach a blissful, trans-like state. You can be as creative as you like with the types of meditations you choose one of my favorites for activating my feminine energy is loving-kindness meditation or Metta. It begins with developing kind thoughts and feelings toward yourself. With practice Metta will help you increase compassion towards yourself and others.
I also like to combine meditation with saging as well. When I burn my sage to rid myself of negative energy, I take a deep breath in and say to myself, I am breathing in positive energy and when I let the breath out I say to myself, I release negative energy.
My favorite thing about meditation is that you can meditate anywhere. I try to meditate every day.

4. Dancing

Yes, I know dancing really activates and magnetizes your feminine energy. It connects you to the more sensual side of yourself. It also connects you to your heart chakra. I like to put on my favorite songs and just dance in the mirror. Sometimes I like to do it in my underwear and just admire my body, the way it moves so beautifully. Sometimes I imagine dancing with a special someone and truly savor what that feels like.

5. Listening to Soft and Feminine Music

Music is a very powerful medium and listening to the right music will instantly elevate your mood. Listening to soft music, soothing music, positive music that portrays women in a positive light can activate and magnetize your feminine energy. My favorite types of music are Jazz and Chansonette Francaise.

Saging, burning essential oils, meditation, dancing and listening to soft and feminine music  are my 5 rituals/practices to activate my magnetic feminine energy. You can do one or any combination of these rituals and watch what happens. If you try some of these, let me know how it works for you.  Also please share anything that you do to activate and magnetize your feminine energy in the comments. We would love to learn from you.
Thank you for stopping by.

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