Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stylish Boots for Rain and Snow Season Feat. Sorel Margo Lace Up Boots

Welcome to the blog. Today is our first snow day of the season in NYC and I am wearing my Sorel Kinetic Short Lace boots in black (SHOP HERE). I am really warming up to the idea of dressing up for winter. I used yo hate winter mainly because I felt restricted in my choices when it comes to dressing as comfort was always my main priority. I am learning to find the balance between style and comfort for winter dressing and my Sorel boots have a lot to do with that.

I fell in love even more with the Margo Lace Up Boots (SHOP HERE) pictured above because they are very stylish/ badass on the outside and they are also super comfortable on the inside. I found out from google that they are waterproof with leather upper. The boots also have a "die-cut memory EVA footbed TPU injected heel" that make them super comfortable.

Walking in these boots feel like I am walking on air. They literally make so sound when walking. It can be a bit slippery on wet tiled floors, however, they have amazing grip on concrete. Another reason why I love these boots so much is the fact that I can wear them even when it is not raining or snowing because they are not shiny like typical rain boots.
I love the Kinetic short lace boots pictured above. It also comes in a gorgeous tan and grey color. It feels like I am wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers but I do not have to worry about my feet or socks getting wet in the snow or rain.

I ordered a half size bigger because I have a bunion and I also love to layer socks in the winter. I think their shoes run true to size for the most part but I would recommend ordering a half size bigger if you plan to wear heavy socks or layer your socks.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

I'll see you soon!
XoX, Deb



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