Monday, July 16, 2018

Transitional Phases of Life

 Bonjour, Bonsoir, welcome back to the blog. It's been a while! How are you all doing? What are you all up to this Summer?

Today, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been running through my mind lately. I believe that I am going through what some call a "transitional phase of life." You might be wondering what is a "transitional phase of life?" A transitional phase of life sometimes happen around a milestone birthday, a graduation, a move, a change in career, etc. It's the times when you feel like things are not going the way you thought you wanted them to go, when you feel stuck and things are just still, or you're just confused about your life altogether.


 I have a milestone birthday coming up in a month and a half. I am turning the big 3.0. and I am like what the hell happened to my 20s? I am also going through some changes at work. The company that I work for is going through a reorganization and people are being moved left and right from offices to offices and I am one of those people. I am grateful that I still get to keep my job but moving to a different office is kind of hard. The thought of having to meet new people and get use to their habits and a new dynamic is giving me a little bit of anxiety.

I am also starting school next semester. I am going for my Masters in Business Administration. While I am excited for the adventure and all of the things that I will learn in the program, I am stressed about the idea of transitioning from the comfortable life that I have been living the past 6 years out of school.

This post serves as a way for me to vent and I hope that it also serves as a reminder to you that transitional phases happen to all of us. Sometimes, they seem scary at first but they always happen for the better. I remember going through a similar phase back in 2012, and back then I thought it was the end of the world. However, when I look back I realize that it was for the better. I hope that some time in the future, I can look back at this year and I hope that I will be grateful that things went the way they are going right now.

Coincidently, I discovered a new affirmation this past weekend that I have been repeating: "things always go my way."

I hope this post reminds you that "things always go your way" despite how they may feel right now.

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you tomorrow, yes tomorrow. I have another post for you tomorrow!



  1. Great post! Transiting into a new place can be hard but change at times is a wonderful thing. Good luck with obtaining your Masters this upcoming semester.

    1. Thank you Windy. Hope you're having a great day!

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