Wednesday, March 21, 2018

9 Straw Bags For Spring and Summer 2018 | The Raffia Trend

Hello lovers, welcome back to the blog.  I am super excited to be mentally moving on to Spring. Yesterday was the first day of spring and there is a snow storm in progress in New York as I write this blog post. Every time I hear another storm is coming, I go shopping for Spring and Summer clothes. It just makes a lot of sense in my head. I know you are not interested in my weather rant and you are only here for the straw bags that I am sharing. Without any further ado, let's jump right into it!

 Urban Outfitters is killing the game with this trend as they are selling all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors at a bearable price point. Notice I did not say reasonable :) because let's be honest those bags are currently selling in bali for less than five US dollars. $49 for the tiny straw structured cross body bag above is a bit much. However, Urban Outfitters also has some other tiny ones for $25 and $29. This post is NOT sponsored by Urban Outfitters, but, I have been all over my favorite high street stores here in NYC and Urban is winning when it comes to straw bags. In the shop this blogpost section, I will include some of the other straw bags that I am eyeing from Urban.
I have been on a hunt for a cheaper alternative or a dupe of the Cult Gaia arch bag. I found some great alternatives on etsy but they were still a bit expensive for my liking at about $80 to $90 a piece. I have been looking on the high street for something around $40 and I would push for $50. Behold (lol), Urban Outfitters delivered with this black arch bamboo bag here. I am not a huge fan of it in the color black but it is a great duplicate at the price point that I was aiming for.
Zara is also selling some really cute ones at the moment, like this half moon shaped straw bag with a wooden handle. Urban Outfitters sells the same one and they are both selling it for $50. I made a cheeky little video on youtube sharing the rest of the bags. You can check them all out below, I also featured some that I purchased last year for inspiration. 


Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great day!
XOX, Deb.